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BREAKING: Bill O’Reilly Just Made HUGE Announcement – It’s Not Over Yet…

Many of Fox News supporters were infuriated to find out that the political host Bill O’Reilly has been fired. This was in response of allegations for sexual misconduct with some women that surfaced him. The allegations were without proof and suspicious. A thorough investigation it’s needed so the justice can be found. Even though that wouldn’t bring O’Reilly back on Fox News, there is no way he will stop.

Many arenas are trying to cancel O’Reilly’s “The Spin Stops Here Tour,”, but as The Hollywood Reporter stated the tour will still go on. Starting June 17th in New York City with two shows both are sold out, and will have Dennis Miller and Jesse Watters as comedians.

The tickets are currently at $65 for a standard ticket and $500 for a VIP on Ticketmaster.

After New York City, he has other dates planned. He will go to the NYCB Theatre at Westbury in New York. He will then go to Baltimore, Tampa, Las Vegas and Anaheim. Now a liberal petition is circling around trying to shut down the entire show. This is the goal that the liberals are trying achieve they want to destroy his entire reputation, and if he is not careful, they will. Behind them are many powerful liberal elites.

Care2 manager Julie Mastrine stated she cannot say how far they will go.

“There are no plans for protests now, but we will not rule it out, either. We have not delivered the signatures yet, so it is impossible to say.”

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