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BREAKING: CHILLING Announcement About Trump Impeachment – PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM!

History professor Allan Lichtman from the American University is one of the experts who explicitly predicted during the presidential election that Donald Trump would win it.

It’s pretty horrifying now that the same guy foresees that President Donald Trump will be impeached during his presidency.

According to Daily Mail, Lichtman predicted that Trump would be impeached. He said, “I believe he is more vulnerable than any other president in the history of the nation,” as he laid out his thoughts in a new book, “The Case for Impeachment.”

As a conclusion, the history professor made a “deep study of history,” trying to find analog between Trump and the two other presidents that were impeached previously. He said “a study of the process of impeachment; a study of Trump’s vulnerabilities, particularly those that have arisen over the course of his business career; and a look at the early weeks of his tenure in the White House.”

Lichtman noted that the parallels between current president and President Richard Nixon are “quite chilling.”

“Trump is very thin-skinned and considers the media to be his enemy. He believes in being on the attack at all times, and in the important of getting even with people,” Lichtman added. “He has a penchant for lying and for deflecting controversy instead of meeting it head-on.”

“Finally, like Nixon, Trump seems bereft of any guiding principles, other than doing what is best for himself,” he continued. “This lack of guiding principles, for a president, is very dangerous.”

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