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President Trump Has BAD NEWS For California – They’re Done

California didn’t stop criticizing President Trump since the moment he was sworn in office. Although they never said a single word to praise the new President, now California screams for help. The state is short of resources, and the weather doesn’t go in their favor.

The situation doesn’t seem promising.

From Fox40:

Gov. Jerry Brown has asked President Trump to declare a major disaster for California because of damage from January storms.

The letter sent Friday says the relentless series of storms caused flooding, mudslides, evacuations, erosion, power outages and at least eight deaths. Northern California was hardest hit.

Brown says the storm system was so severe and widespread that state and local governments need federal assistance to continue dealing with the problems it created.

Governor Brown never showed friendly emotions towards the President. “If Trump were ever elected, we’d have to build a wall around California to defend ourselves from the rest of this country,” which Brown later said was “a joke,” stated Brown in March 2016.

Maxine Waters was never softer in using her language. “This is the most outrageous and ridiculous President that this country has ever had,” said Waters. Yes these two really showed their disrespect for the President.

Remember the Calexit movement? California is liberal to the bones, and they tried to pull apart from the rest of the States. Politics again.

This doesn’t end here. The Ninth Circuit Court, CA, confirmed the courts’ decision to block the travel ban. They all contributed to the risk of new terrorist attacks, but no one cares. And now California asks for help. Isn’t that hypocrisy to the max?

President Trump will never left anyone on the ice, but people need to learn how to respect him. He never gave them the reasons to hate him, but Californians never gave him a chance.

What do you think about this request? Will President Trump help California?

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