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What Trump Just Announced About Bill O’Reilly Will Make You Cry Tears Of JOY!

President Donald Trump called Bill O’Reilly a “good person” who did nothing wrong in an interview Wednesday with The New York Times, jumping to the defense of one of his most vocal media supporters despite revelations that Fox News and the host have reached settlements with five women who accused him of harassment.

Trump said O’Reilly should not have settled with the women who accused him. Details of the incidents were published last weekend by the Times.

“He’s a person I know well — he is a good person,” Trump told a pair of Times reporters in an Oval Office interview. “I think he shouldn’t have settled; personally, I think he shouldn’t have settled… Because you should have taken it all the way. I don’t think Bill did anything wrong.”

Our President is an incredible person who is always telling the true. He is always defending his friends when someone attacks them. O’Reilly has not done anything wrong as there is no evidence that proves he is guilty. Obviously, the liberals do not care about this fact, however.

This will probably start to move the whole situation in the right direction. Bill O’Reilly cannot standby and let this terrible thing happen to him. These women will get away with millions and his reputation to boot. When these allegations broke, they seemed shady at best. There were no quotes or video or proof of any kind.

Fox News is now starting to slowly die. They have been boycotted by millions of angry fans around the United States. When will they learn that they made a big mistake? What will it take to prove Bill’s innocents? We know he will jump back from this with no issues– we are just worried about his reputation being blackened.

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